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RJ Evans are a leading flat roofing contractor based in Brentwood, Essex. They offer a wide range of flat roofing and waterproofing services. They are particularly well known for their exceptional work with mastic asphalt. They have carried out a number of prestigious asphalt projects including works at Buckingham Palace, The Tower Of London and Canterbury Cathedral. Recently this work has been recognised when they were a Project Award winner at the prestigious MAC Awards.

Their success is not just limited to mastic asphalt but all forms of flat roofing. They have completed works at the University of Manchester, ABBA Arena and the Tate Modern art gallery. RJ Evans are a cutting-edge flat roofing contractor who strive for excellence and are continuing to expand across the UK. RJ Evans approached us in late 2019 with the main goal of increasing online revenue, enquiries and traffic.


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Minimal Online Traffic And Enquiries

RJ Evans were dealing with very low organic search and consequently no online enquires or revenue. They were also dealing in the very competitive London market place where flat roofing contractors from all around the UK were competing to rank highly in organic search results.

With the primary objective of increasing online enquiries, revenue and search traffic, RJ Evans needed an SEO strategy which would provide long term results whilst giving a return on investment in the shortest possible time period.

Build Predictable Online Revenue

Whilst the primary objective of this campaign was to maximise online revenue. It was important to provide a return on investment as soon as possible This was achieved by identifying keywords which would allow quick wins. This was to be achieved by in-depth keyword research to analyse which keywords could be both ranked quickly and generate enquiries which would lead to profitable projects. The aim here was to close the gap between initial investment and return on investment. This would allow for the investment in SEO to generate a profit as soon as possible.

Once this was achieved a long-term SEO strategy could be implemented. This was to include the 3 core components of SEO: content creation, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Built on top of excellent keyword research and technical SEO. The results achieved in this campaign were significantly enhanced by our detailed knowledge of the roofing industry and the products and services offered by RJ Evans Flat Roofing.

The long-term phase of this SEO strategy focused on building RJ Evans as an authority in the flat roofing space and on achieving enquiries for more lucrative projects.

Laying The Foundations Of A Successful Campaign

When there are many competitors working to build their online search presence for a specific service in a specific location, best SEO practices alone will not give the outstanding results both us and our clients hope to achieve. Therefore, it is imperative to have a deep understanding of the products and services provided. We started with the customers of RJ Evans in mind and built our content strategy back from there. Once we had a concrete idea on the types of customers’ RJ Evans wanted to attract we built out the foundation of our campaign. By the end of this process we had completed the following:

A Technical Audit: this was carried out to make sure there were not any technical areas on the website. This is important for 2 reasons; 1 to make sure there was not anything holding back the websites performance. And 2 whether the site architecture was constructed in a way to maximise results.

A Prioritised List Of Keywords: All the keywords relevant to the products and services RJ Evans offer were curated into a list. This list was filtered according to the probability a specific keyword would generate an enquiry and subsequently a customer. Keywords likely to generate revenue were labelled as high commercial intent keyword. Of these keywords, we prioritised the high commercial intent keywords with the highest probability of ranking as the first keywords to attack in our campaign. Once this was achieved we organised the remaining keywords in batches which were to be systematically attacked until they produced revenue.

Content Gap Analysis: This allowed an analysis of the current content on the website and to see how far it was off performing well in the search engine results. Doing this enabled us to find if there were any quick wins in the existing content. Finding quick wins is one of the best ways to shorten the gap between initial investment and achieving return on investment.

Backlink Audit: This involved a detail looked at the current backlink profile of RJ Evans, considering the quality, quantity and relevance of all existing backlinks. This was then benchmarked against their competitors. Once this was done a comprehensive backlink acquisition plan could be created.

Content Creation To Generate Enquiries

The first step in the content creation process was to identify the areas in which RJ Evans could achieve quick wins in terms of generating online enquiries and revenues. This was done by drawing on the findings from the initial keyword research and the content gap analysis. Once the correct keywords were found the relevant page was either created or edited to be a piece of content capable of generating revenue. This included making sure the page answered any questions a prospective customer may have about the related product or service and then making it easy for them to get in touch. To further enhance the results on page SEO and technical SEO techniques such as interior linking architecture were used to maximise results.

Once the quick wins were achieved the content creation strategy moved on to more lucrative keywords and search terms higher up the sales funnel. The lucrative keywords were designed with the sole intention of generating revenue, whereas the terms higher up in the sales funnel had the intention of educating the customer further whilst giving them the option to get in touch with a surveyor if they preferred to talk in person.

Over time this strategy allowed RJ Evans to capture prospective customers for their products and services at all stages of the sales process. This enabled predicable online revenue to be achieved.

Using Off Page SEO To Build Authority

RJ Evans needed to build the authority of their backlink profile. We started by removing spam links, then started to curate high quality relevant backlinks build their authority in the flat roofing space.

The return on link building was maximised by only adding links to quality content which was highly already highly optimised with on page SEO techniques. The results achieved with this approach resulted in phenomenal growth which can be seen towards the end of the year two where link building was focused on heavily. Our off-page SEO strategy did not only allow RJ Evans to reach the same level as their competition, but it allowed them to elevate above them.




Best Organic Search Presence Of Any Roofing Contractor In The Uk


Growth In Traffic


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Increase In Organic Keywords

This campaign was an outstanding success. Over a 2-year period RJ Evans went from almost zero search presence to being the flat roofing contractor with the largest organic search presence in the UK. The RJ Evans website generated an organic search growth of 119x in this period. With over £1million of leads generated annually, £585,000 plus in commercial projects including international arenas, large supermarkets and industrial roofs.

RJ Evans are now positioned very strongly in comparison to their competitors with a 41x in page one keywords and a 537% increase in organic keywords. The next SEO challenge is to expand their organic search presence further for flat roofing and waterproofing products. And to become the prominent authority on flat roofing and waterproofing.

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