Construction SEO Services

The sole objective of our “Construction SEO Service” is to deliver you with more projects which move your business towards its goals.

This service is set up to provide you with a consistent stream of high quality leads which convert into predictable revenue for your business.

We follow proven systems which have successfully taken construction companies in the UK & USA from zero to 1 million plus in enquires, with an average annual growth in traffic of 358.6%.

These systems revolve around 3 core processes; content creation, on-site SEO and link building. Our “Construction SEO Service” is carried out on a recurring monthly basis and will take between 6 and 12 months to generate significant results. We offer this service on a no contract basis and it can be cancelled anytime no questions asked.

Each Construction SEO Project Is Bespoke

Every construction business will require a different SEO strategy. We will first understand your business, the type of projects you specialise in, how you want to expand in the future and any previous SEO work carried out on your website.

Once we understand your own unique situation we will develop a personalised strategy for you to reach your goals as fast as possible. This will map out a plan to take you above and beyond the competition. The intended result is for you to dominate the online real estate which is responsible for producing high quality leads. The result will be you rather than the competition receiving these online enquires and converting them into profit for your business.

What Makes A Construction SEO Service Effective?

There are a multitude of SEO services providers operating on the market. The results provided by different providers varies enormously.

When done right we believe there is no marketing activity superior to SEO for generating high quality leads for construction contractors.

To help you understand how professional SEO services can help move your construction company towards achieving its goals we have created a guide to help you increase your understanding of SEO.

Once you have finished this guide you should be better equipped in understanding how SEO works, why it is essential for construction contractors in today’s world. And how to make sure any investment you make in SEO is profitable for your business.

Are Your Products And Services Understood?

Construction is a technical industry. The types of products and services you offer must be understood before keyword research is carried out.  Keyword research must be completed before any content is written. Then optimized for SEO.

The content strategy based off of any keyword research must comprise of quality content. This means your content must correctly explain your products and services to a prospective customer. This is why it is imperative any company who carries out SEO for you has a detailed understanding of your industry. And can clearly explain the benefits of your products and services. Then motivate a prospective customer to get in contact with you. No matter how good your SEO work is, without quality content your website will not convert as many leads as it should.

The foundation of this is your products and services are fully understood. And the benefits are clearly explained.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of optimising each page on your website to get to the top of the organic results for a search engine. An important thing to understand is your website does not rank in the search results, each individual page of your website does.

By following a tested system based on mathematics, you can edit each page to rank higher in the search results. The reason you can do this is, the algorithm used by search engines is fundamentally a mathematical formula. This algorithm uses hundreds of ranking factors to assign a score and rank to each piece of content on a webpage. The quality of the system used to generate higher rankings is the primary factor in determining whether an SEO campaign is successful or not.

Therefore, choosing a construction SEO company with proven results and systems can make the difference between generating high value leads which convert into profitable projects and making a loss or even moving your website backwards.

What Kind Of Results Can Construction Companies Achieve With SEO?

A construction SEO strategy which follows a proven system based on data, can produce staggering results. We have seen companies go from zero online enquires to generating more than $1 million in enquiries within a year. This has included winning projects such as international arenas, large commercial projects such as supermarkets and distribution centres. As well as offices, art galleries and museums. It is not just large scale projects SEO can generate, it is also ideal for generating a constant stream of local projects. For local based businesses an SEO strategy will focus on dominating the search rankings for your local area.  Local SEO also helps your ranking in google maps, this is done by by optimising your "Google My Business Profile".

On average within a 12-month period you should see a significant increase in traffic (our average annual increase is 358.61%). In terms of monetary gain after 6-9 months you should see a return on investment which increases month over month. Unlike paid ads where the ROI stays constant as you must maintain your ad spend. Overtime SEO will give you more for your money as your success compounds. This success can be further increased if you are successful at retaining customers and generating repeat business.

However, achieving the exceptional returns which are possible with SEO comes down to the system used and the quality of the team providing the service. With such attractive returns on investment possible with good SEO, it is imperative for a construction company not to go for a cheap option and ensure they invest in a quality service. Below you can see the typical path to profitability when you invest in SEO compared to other construction marketing methods. You can see it takes time to get to profitability, but when you do the amount of profit you can achieve from this type of marketing is substantial.

How Can Search Engine Optimization Generate These Results For Construction Companies?

Page one of Google is prime real estate for construction companies looking to maximise their profits. Trillions of dollars a year are spent on businesses which are found through search engine results. The simple economics dictate page one of Google becomes more valuable every single day. There is a limited supply of places on page one of a search engine and an increasing number of companies in the construction industry trying to rank in these lucrative positions.

However, the increasing competition and limited supply is just one part of the reason why these positions are so lucrative. More and more people are using the internet every day to find the information they need. And if someone does not have a company to hand to call when they need a product or service, the first place they turn is to Google. Whether you are on a national level and want to attract enquiries for large commercial projects or are on a local level wanting to attract enquiries for domestic homeowners, SEO is the number one way you can take your business to the next level.

The beauty of SEO is you can target very specific phrases with a high probability of converting into revenue. In a world where digital real estate is becoming more and more important, a competitor ranking above you can mean they are pocketing hundreds of thousands which could have been in your pocket. Regardless of whether you are national, regional or local, SEO for construction companies is vital. The question should not be whether you need SEO but whether you should have a national, regional or local SEO strategy.

Construction companies who use a high-quality SEO service benefit from a steady stream of high quality leads which will give contractors more of the jobs they want. Ranking on page one for lucrative keywords provides you with a page which acts as 24/7 salesman which can give you valuable enquiries even when you are not working. SEO should be a fundamental part of any marketing campaign and when done correctly will take significant pressure off your sales team as the leads will be coming to you and you will not need to spend vast amounts of time and energy chasing prospective customers.

Compared to other digital marketing methods such as PPC, SEO offers a cost per lead which falls over time, whereas the PPC cost per lead remains constant. This means your return on investment and profit from SEO over a long-time period is significantly higher. Unlike PPC which stops producing leads the day you stop spending on ads, SEO has a longer shelf life meaning after you cease spending on SEO you will still get the benefit for a time after. The length of time you still receive this benefit for will depend upon how long you invested in SEO before stopping and the competitiveness of your niche.

Another key reason why SEO outperforms PPC is more and more customers completely skip ads and go straight to organic results when using a search engine. Some studies state as many as 94% of search engine users skip ads completely. This means as many as 94% of prospective customers ignore ads, meaning contractors who do not use SEO are losing out on up to 94% of all search queries relating to their business.

With just one of these queries having the potential to be a large commercial project you can see the potential monetary loss you can incur by not having an organic search presence.

What Goes Into SEO For Construction Companies?

SEO is a broad term. It can be used to describe just one method to enhance the traffic of a construction website through to a combination of methods used together to generate targeted website traffic.

SEO is a vital part of any marketing strategy and should be planned with the big picture in mind. First it should be determined which type of projects a construction company wants to generate more opportunities to quote for. Then, thorough keyword research should be carried out to generate a list of target keyword which can generate highly targeted website traffic for the construction company. Each target keyword should be mapped to pieces of content which will then be optimized to rank in the search engine results.

Optimization should follow a data driven system which has been tested in the construction industry. Quality SEO services can do this in a step by step manner which will reduce all the guesswork which goes into ranking a site. They will have a tried and tested system which will provide you with predictable lead generation. Search engine optimization will incorporate 3 specific areas; technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. We will look at each of these aspects of SEO in more detail shortly.

It is often asked if you can focus on just one area of SEO and get results. The answer is maybe, but your probability of success is lower. And there is a risk your site could suffer from such an approach. The way to maximise your results as well as the probability of your success is to follow a holistic approach.

With a holistic approach the SEO process your construction company follows can be calibrated to any specific strengths or weaknesses your website has in terms of SEO. But, it will also maintain the ability for all aspects which deliver SEO results to work together as a cohesive unit and provide you with the maximum new leads. The ability to tie all aspects of SEO with keyword research, industry understand and an excellent content strategy is what makes an investment in construction SEO specialist give an outsized return on investment when compared against other SEO strategies.

It is sometimes tempting for businesses which have a degree of SEO knowledge to do their SEO themselves. This may be a good option on a very small scale, but on larger scales the velocity of content, optimization and changes in the Google algorithm make this an impossible task. And this is before considering the cost of keyword research tools, rank tracking software and the level of technical expertise required to carry out more advanced SEO techniques.

In nearly every case it is best for a construction company to stick to what it does best and outsource SEO work to a professional company.

Let’s take a closer look at some the strategies which go into successful SEO. There are 5 components to a successful SEO strategy. 3 core processes will be continuously executed; content creation, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Whereas keyword research and technical SEO will be used on a periodical basis.

Keyword Research For Construction Companies

This is a vital part of any SEO campaign. As mentioned earlier construction industry knowledge is vital for this part of the process. If this is done wrong large sums of money are left on the table. Non-construction SEO specialists will focus solely on generic construction services which will do two things. Generate leads less likely to convert and generate the types of leads which you probaly will not want.

Good keyword research should cover the whole marketing funnel. It should drill down to very specific search queries. These more specific queries are very likely to be lower in the funnel and have a higher probability of converting. In the roofing industry, an example of this would be a query such as “Roofing” being high in the funnel. “Commercial Roofing” being further down the funnel, “Commercial Roofing Miami” being further down the funnel still. As you move down the funnel the probability of a phone call or enquiry which converts increases. When this process is carried out correctly and combined with the other components of successful SEO, you will end up with 100’s of pages on your website which will generate a consistent stream of leads for you. Effectively you will have any army of web pages working for you 24/7 generating new business.

Again, it must be emphasised a construction SEO agency is a distinct advantage, as if this step is not carried out properly, serious money will be left on the table.

Technical SEO (Making It Easier For Search Engines)

The objective of technical SEO is to ensure your website is easy to crawl for search engines and offers a mobile friendly experience. This will mean more pages get indexed and new pages on your website to index as fast as possible, meaning you will make money quicker. This is achieved by ensuring your website fulfils several technical criteria. This includes site speed, resolution on mobile devices, internal linking structure and schema. Once your site has good technical SEO it will only need major updates in line with changes made by search engines. The only aspects of technical SEO which will need to be continuously managed are internal linking structure and page weight.

Technical SEO is often overlooked but it can produce enormous results leading to more pages indexing and new pages indexing faster. Ultimately good technical SEO means more traffic to your website and more opportunities to make money.

Content Creation For Construction Companies

The phrase “Content is King” is often thrown around in marketing circles. And for good reason. Google and most other search engines are text based search engines which ranks content according to how useful their algorithm deems it. With Google becoming increasingly intelligent in its analysis of content quality, it means quality content is an appreciating asset. This means the value of your site will increase over time in direct proportion to the amount of quality content you have. Better quality content, more traffic, more valuable site, more leads, more projects, more revenue and profit.

SEO for construction companies should be built on the foundation of quality content. This content will be a combination of blog post creation and product or service pages. The content which should be produced is determined by your keyword research. And the traffic generated through this content is amplified by your technical SEO, on page SEO and off page SEO. This premise holds true for local SEO, all the way through to national and global SEO.

With an SEO specialist with industry knowledge you will be able to maximise the value of your content by providing relevant and detailed answers to the queries which prospective customers will be typing into search engines. An example of this would be a specifier wanting to learn about the intricacies of a specific roofing system for a commercial project. They find your webpage which provides them with all the information they need. This will in turn position you as a leading industry expert. Making it highly likely you are contacted and given the opportunity to win the commercial project.

Content is an appreciating asset and any construction company which wants to generate predictable high quality leads will be hard pressed to find an investment which provides a greater return on investment.

On-Page SEO

To maximise the return on any piece of content it must be optimised. This is achieved through a combination of technical, on page and off page SEO. On page SEO is the process of structuring content in a way to maximize the quality score search engines assign to a web page. This will result in a higher rankings for each piece of content on your website in the search engine results page for your target keywords.

On page SEO should follow a scientific process. We have our own data driven system which will assist us in structuring any piece of content to make sure it ranks as well as it possibly can. It assesses all the components needed for a piece of content to perform well. This includes title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags and target keywords. In modern day SEO, if a data driven process is not used to ensure high quality content, you are operating at a significant disadvantage and severely minimising the results possible with your content marketing strategy.

Off-Page SEO

This is the process of generating links which point towards a page on your website. Backlinks are used as a major signal by search engines to determine the authority of a website. High quality backlinks from relevant website are a major part of any SEO strategy. However, this must be used in unison with all the other components of SEO.

Link building is not about having the most links. It is about having the best backlink profile. Not every link is weighted the same. In fact, spammy links can move your site in the wrong direction. Backlink acquisition should be a strategic process. This should be carried out with a data driven systematic process. Link building which focuses on relevant websites with high authority and optimised anchor text give the best results. Detailed attention must be given to your current backlink profile, your anchor text ratios and the backlink profiles of competitors ranking for the terms you want to improve your ranking for.

If your backlink acquisition strategy is performed correctly you will build your websites authority and improve your organic traffic. With authoritative websites being rewarded with more favourable rankings than non-authoritative websites, it should be the aim of any effective marketing strategy to build a website which becomes an authority in your specific industry.

How To Get Started Generating Predictable Revenue?

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We will analyse your website in detail. Talk to you about your plans for your business and provide you with a bespoke plan to help you achieve your goals.

When done right this provides the best possible return on investment a construction company can achieve amongst all digital marketing efforts. It works just as well for local businesses as it does for national and local construction companies.

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